Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chicken Fried Steak Fried Chicken Fried....Steak (or something)

So today marks the actualization of a plan that's been in the works for awhile now. We here at The Slippery Pepper have been meaning to do this so that we can share our complete abandon to culinary rules with you....whoever you may be.

The Slippery Pepper consists of three main experimental food makers:

Mix Master Salmon: Has a tendency to remix ingredients and moving to far off places
Kavity Karl: Our resident sweet tooth. Specializes in desserts and drinks
El Diablo: Specializes in fire and spice. The spice is life.

Now I know that this post's food item of choice is a bit on the normal side...but it's what we made and marks the first time we've had the guts and arterial health to try it.

Look at all that gravy. Just keep looking at's mesmerizing...

Anyway. This whole down home, country style meal came about as a random idea. I said "What do you feel like cooking?" and then he said "IDK, let me look." and then he said after a pause, "Chicken Fried Steak?".

The whole meal took an hour to prepare. Kavity Karl and El Diablo Picante switched places on this meal, trading sweet for heat.

Karl took over the process of making the steaks while El Diablo did potatoes and the dessert. The meat was very tender and tasted quite good. The flour shell was fried to a golden brown crisp and it was all covered in gravy made from the steak fats and flour drippings.

We also made a Peach Cobbler to finish off the whole "Country style" dinner. Peaches, sugar and some spices made for a really good cobbler.

Top it all off with some vanilla bean ice cream and presto, a fitting end to a filling, down-home meal.

That's all for this transmission from the kitchen.